Water pump for your garden, well, home, farm or pool

Jet Pumps

Wide selection of jet pumps such as: convertible jet pumps, shallow well jet pumps from major brand FloForce. Use PEXUniverse.com promo code for best price for all jet pumps and parts.

Circulation pumps

Circulation Pumps Taco Series 003, 005, 007, 007-IFC, 008, 009, 0010 circulate water for heating and hot water supply systems, floor heating. This besfundamentny glandless centrifugal pump with a nozzle arrangement of equal diameter “in line” with 2 or 3-speed rotation. Have small dimensions and weight, operate almost silently and consume very little electricity.

Circulating pumps Taco 007 - a completely new approach to the circulating pumps. This type of circulation pump does not require installation - you just plug it into the network and it works. Being fully automated, he adapts the parameters needed by the system - regardless of building type and time of year, significantly reducing the noise created in the tubes and batteries. Taco 007 equipped with automatic control, which ensures that the flow rate and pump head is constantly adjusted to changing conditions - day or night, winter or summer. Taco 007 operates in any heating system - as in the hot water PEX pipe systems, solar water heating system, snow melting system and hydronic floor heating.


Grundfos water pumps

Water pumps, corrosion-resistant stainless steel manufactured by Grundfos are already in for thirty years, they have proved themselves in practice, working in municipal, industrial and private water systems around the world.

Grundfos submersible pumps catalog

Installed in a borehole or well, submersible water pump SQ is very quiet. As the power supplied from the AC outlet with the usual voltage of 220 V and 50 Hz. All parts in contact with water are made of stainless steel materials, which provide long life pump without compromising water quality.

3-inch submersible pumps for water type SQ comes in five versions of various capacities to ensure the delivery of 1 to 7 m3 / h and pressure up to 200 m.

Of the 33 types and sizes of pumps for water can be for any artesian well to choose the most appropriate, which, thanks to the optimal hydraulics and the new motor will consume much less electricity than most others.

Through the use of modern bearings, water pumps type SQ able to pump water from a certain concentration of sand. These motors have built-in protection against dry running, overheating, overvoltage and the voltage drop, SQ pumps can be operated from independent power sources.

Water pumps SP series are designed for professional continuous operation. All operating elements are made of stainless steel and can operate virtually continuously for months. Diameter starts at 4 inches. All control elements are available separately.

To work in mineralized waters developed some modifications to the water pump series SP, allowing to extend the service life of equipment by several times.

BENEFITS Grundfos pumps

1. Built-in check valve, which prevents the formation of reverse flow

2. Optimal design of impellers, high efficiency, low manufacturing costs

3. Modern bearings prevent axial displacement of the reverse and allow the installation of the pump and also in a horizontal position

4. “Floating” impeller setting prevents wear under the influence of sand

5. Input filter protects the pump from getting into the large particles

6. The electric motor with a rotor equipped with permanent magnet provides high starting torque and and high efficiency

7. Corrosion-resistant materials ensure long life, without compromising the quality of drinking water

8. Built-in protection against running dry prevents the motor from overheating. Built-in soft-start prevents damage from water hammer. Built-in motor protection against voltage fluctuations, overheating and overload
9. Sealed Electrical connector plug makes it easy to mount the pump without using any tools



Water from wells fed by a special Water well multistage pump for water, which is a stainless steel cable is lowered into the Water well.

To automate the process water from the wells using the following scheme: Water well multistage pump - pumped storage tank - automatic system.

    At low productivity wells or irregular consumption of water in the water supply scheme can be used storage tanks of food materials

Figure 1

1. The heart of the well - the pump. Pump for water is based on data obtained during the trial operation of the well, by comparing the number of parameters. The required capacity of the pump according to the well, you can choose a specific model. Our company has over 8 years as a dealer world’s leading manufacturer of pumping equipment mark GRUNDFOS.

2. For the private consumer or the small village of suitable water pumps with capacity from 1 to 8 m3. The diameter of 3-4 inches of such pumps. In 95% of them are suitable for drilled wells. This equipment, our company is generally supported at the moment.

However, to meet the needs of water villa community or enterprise is required to pump water up to 50 or even 200 m3/hr. Such pumps, the company GRUNDFOS, offering a wide range of submersible pumps ranging from 1 to 300 m3/hr, with a pressure of 20 to 600 m, made to order. The diameter of these pumps 6.8 “, respectively, and the diameter of the well should be appropriate.

2. Pumped Membrane pressure vessel consists of a metal tank with a capacity of 50-1000 l inside which is a rubber membrane, which serves to maintain the desired pressure in the supply and reduce water hammer in the system, protects the water pump from frequent switching, which increases the resource pump.

3. System Automation, consists of several elements, the function of which is to on/off switch equipment, water pump protection from overload and work “dry”, the control of water consumption, a set of adjustments, etc.

The principle of operation of pump automation: Relay captures the water pressure in the tank, with a minimum pressure switch sends a signal to activate the pump at the maximum - to shut down. In other words, when there is an active water intake, water pump runs directly into the water supply at home. When the analysis of water stops, the pump is pumping water into the tank to the maximum pressure on and off. Re-opened faucet - water is pumped from the tank, the pump is not working, the pressure reached a minimum value - including a pump, etc. The tank is usually installed in a house on the 1st floor or in a heated basement.

4. For water supply from wells using special plastic tubes and underwater electric cable, designed to work under high pressure and laying in the ground. Guaranteed lifetime of plastic pipes - 50 years, but they really serve much longer. To the well can be operated in the winter, the pipes from the well to the house are laid below the freezing depth.

5. If you can not bury the pipeline below the freezing depth (from behind the rocks, quicksand, etc.) the system provides supplemental heat. Moreover, the heating cable is plugged directly into the tube and turns on automatically when the water temperature drops below 5 degrees.

6. To prevent foreign matter from entering and finishing the area around the wellhead is installed caisson. Material may be varied caisson (plastic, concrete, metal), depending on the location of wells in the area.